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Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation - an international non-profit dedicated to providing care and finding a cure for Myotonic Dystrophy - approached A LINE with the goal of creating a new brand that would raise awareness of the disease while helping to support and inspire their incredible community.

During our strategy phase, we saw the opportunity to use the “My” from Myotonic as the foundation of a new primary messaging framework. By shifting the perspective from "them" to "us", this framework could give the brand and community a powerful voice, while simultaneously focusing on the many incredible things the organization supports.

The modernized hand symbol includes a subtle MY, designed to support their position as the voice of their community.



"A LINE did a fantastic job of working in a challenging space with a passionate and engaged community. They helped us clearly identify the future direction of Myotonic, then develop a positive, differentiated and inspiring brand to galvanize our community and support our growth ambitions"
Molly White, CEO, Myotonic

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