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Established in 2008, Snog Productions is a full-service production company based in Los Angeles, providing all aspects of photography, video, and commercial shoots.

Woman-owned, with a hard nod toward inclusion and integrity, Snog serves to be an industry change agent by striving to treat both clients and crew with dignity and respect.

Having worked with some of the world’s most successful brands, artists, and publishers, including Vogue, Givenchy, GQ, Bose, Ariana Grande, Marvel, and American Express, Snog wanted a brand that showcased their amazing work while capturing the passion and detail that goes into the production of every project.


Using the name as inspiration (in the UK “Snog” is a slang term for a kiss) we created a logotype that symbolized a cheeky, passionate “snog”.  This was then brought to life through a playful animated logo that represented the character of the business while also helping clarify the name for their mainly US audience.

We kept the color palette simple and intentional, using a vibrant red to both emphasize their passion, and highlight the “O” from the logotype as being kissing lips.


THE TEMPLATESGlobal Creative Resource Agency

We chose Druk and GT Zirkon as the primary and secondary typefaces, creating a powerful duo that captures attention without distracting from the stunning photography. GT Zirkon is functional, with a perfect balance of personality and refinement. Druk is used for project titles, where it frames the images while really holding its own.


For the website, we used interaction to show the depth and breadth of work while keeping the experience simple and impactful. Homepage imagery reacts to the movement of the pointer, inviting users to interact with the content. Project pages use stacked images and videos in a playful, exploratory endless scroll. To emphasize personality, we added bold graphic elements such as an oversized "X" to exit a project.


"Our clients love the new Snog brand and feel it really showcases the work we do together. We're thrilled with the results".

Deborah Burch. Founder. Snog Productions

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