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Creating the future of TV advertising, today.

The Revolution Will Be Televised
Tatari is on a mission to turn TV advertising into a digital experience, building a platform that helps companies buy, measure and scale TV media. Through combining data science with deep human expertise, their vision is to transform TV advertising.

Founded three years ago by a leadership team from disruptors like Shazam, TruCar, Liverail, Google and Facebook, Tatari has grown to more than 80 employees in 4 offices, working across industries such as fashion, insurance, healthcare, and finance, and including more than 50% of the iab’s “250 DTC brands to watch.

Poised for explosive growth and accelerated scale, Tatari needed a brand that could scale and grow with the company - embracing the excitement of a growth-stage disruptor with the credibility, reliability, and trust of an enterprise.

"Tatari has been growing at an amazing rate, however as we faced into our future we really needed a new brand to help focus our direction and support our growth”
Amit Sharan, VP Marketing, Tatari 

Making The Complex Simple
Tatari helps their clients better understand the enormous complexity of data across today’s media landscape by creating actionable insights and outcomes. To create a brand that clearly communicated this, we needed to develop a strategy and visual identity which focused on turning complexity into bold simplicity.

"From the outset, it was obvious Tatari had an incredible team and an amazing technology platform. The challenge was communicating the complexity of their solution in a powerfully simple way." 
Nick Monkhouse, Co-founder, A LINE 

A Clear Way Forward
We started by identifying and aligning who Tatari is, where they were going, and what made them different. 

By creating a clear, future-facing brand aspiration, and a set of uniquely ownable characteristics and values, we built a brand platform that positioned Tatari as visionary experts boldly leading their clients through an exciting revolution in TV advertising.

To differentiate, we saw an opportunity to infuse the new visual identity with TV-inspired elements. Starting with the idea of one pixel, we created a grid from which we designed the symbol, composition, and iconography. This was followed by a bold color palette inspired by a 4K UHD TV test card.

We selected Favorit for the brand typeface due to its boldly simple feel. With forward-leaning characters and squared-off, elongated terminals, it perfectly complemented the grid we had created.

To amplify the idea of “A clear way forward” we used motion, with selective builds, swipes and reveals communicating a strong sense of forward progress. These simple but dynamic animations brought the brand to life, creating a digital-first brand designed to be future-facing. 

"The level of collaboration between A LINE and Tatari was perfect, with design sprints bringing strong focus and clear integration between brand and product. It was a pleasure to partner with them." 
Ryan Massad, Head of Product Design, Tatari 

A Bright Future 
The new brand was launched in September 2019 to coincide with Tatari’s 3rd anniversary. Rolling out across touchpoints including product, sales and marketing collateral, social media, environmental, and the website, this bold new vision ensures Tatari have a strong brand on which to continue building their incredible success.

"I have been through several rebrands over the years and always rolled my eyes at the level of resources put into the outcome. This time was different, and I'm genuinely excited about our new brand and visual identity."
Philip Inghelbrecht, CEO & Co-Founder, Tatari



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