Building a global homewares brand from the ground up.

Fells Andes is a luxury homewares brand built on the belief that good design better connects us to our surroundings. Products are handmade using natural, eco-conscious materials designed to layer personal spaces and add warmth to everyday life.

Inspired by the idea of Warm Design, A Line created a timeless yet modern brand which helped them attract partners like Design Within Reach, as well as some of the worlds most accomplished architects and interior designers.

"Our ambition for Fells Andes is a business which redefines modern luxury, built on a vision that is design-led, values-driven, timeless and sustainable" Courtney Trump, Founder.

The Challenge
In a world where people increasingly seek true connection and authentic self-expression, create a forward-facing luxury homewares and accessories brand with values deeply rooted in timelessness and nature, and designed to appeal to a global, design-savvy audience.

The Solution

Our strategy was inspired by the timelessness of the products which are modern, with a minimal aesthetic, but also feel warm and alluring.

The central idea we crafted was “Good Design Elevates Life”, a functional yet aspirational narrative which inspired an elegant, refined identity designed to appeal to an audience for who design is an essential part of their lives.

Building on this the name Fells Andes combined the design aesthetic of the Scandinavian Fells with the craft and warmth of the Peruvian Andes.

The Results
The brand was well received when launched at ICFF, and Fells Andes is now sold globally through a range of physical and digital retail channels including Design Within Reach.

"A Line's involvement in everything from defining what we stand for to our art direction, packaging, environment and website, perfectly convey our beliefs about the quality of our products and the power of good design. Their work has allowed us to partner with some of the highest-profile showrooms and retailers in the world."
Courtney Trump, Founder

Fells Andes


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